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How do I get GoPro support? ›


In the event of a Manufacturing Defect or Accidental Damage from Handling of Equipment, please contact Our Customer Support toll free at 1 (888) 600-4659, or visit for assistance.

How do I chat with GoPro support? ›

@norwichguy​, you may reach out to our Support Team through to initiate a callback request or chat with one of the representatives.

How do I fix my GoPro? ›

Here are some troubleshooting steps to try.
  1. Check the Battery is Charged. It sounds obvious, but it's incredibly easy and quick to drain a GoPro's battery. ...
  2. Remove the Battery & Reinsert the Battery. ...
  3. Check the SD Card. ...
  4. Reset the Camera. ...
  5. Contact GoPro Support Directly.
Jun 27, 2022

Why is GoPro not connecting? ›

On your GoPro camera, turn the Wi-Fi off and on. Then restart the camera. Now, put the camera in pairing mode. For future reconnections, just make sure that the camera's Wi-Fi is on and you'll be all set.

Does GoPro have a lifetime warranty? ›

The GoPro warranty only covers manufacturer's defects for one (1) year from date of purchase. The warranty does NOT cover damage caused by user error (see statement above). GoPro will NOT accept returns of GoPro Products that do not have the latest firmware installed.

Are Gopros repairable? ›

We can now fix your favorite camera. Bring in any generation GoPro and we'll fix it! Repairs include: Water Damage.

Does GoPro have live chat? ›

What is virtual chat support? ›

As a virtual chat agent, you provide customer service via a chat app. You use a computer to communicate with each customer to elicit the information you need, answer their questions, and otherwise assist the customer to help resolve any issues.

Can you use GoPro without app? ›

Yes. You can use the camera (indoors, outdoors and underwater) completely from the buttons and touch screen interface. No phone or remote control is required.

How long should a GoPro last? ›

The company states that most GoPro camera cams can last 1 to 2 hours. But some cams can go beyond or less than these hours.
How Long Does GoPro Battery Last?
GoPro Hero 91720 mAh97 Minutes
GoPro Hero X1720 mAh83 Minutes
GoPro Max1600 mAh115 Minutes
6 more rows

How do I force restart my GoPro? ›

If your GoPro isn't responding, this is the first thing to try: Press and hold the Mode button for 10 seconds. The Mode button is the one on the side, also known as the power button. So long as there's charge in the battery, this should restart (or reboot) the camera.

What is the root problem of GoPro? ›

GoPro's biggest weakness is its lack of competitive barriers. Research firm IDC estimates that GoPro has a 47.5% market share in the action camera market, but the market is still young and fragmented. This means that smaller players will constantly try to launch cheaper devices to chip away at GoPro's market.

How do I manually connect my GoPro to Wi-Fi? ›

Power on your camera with the [Mode] button. On your camera display, swipe down > swipe left > tap [Preferences]. Tap on [Wireless Connections] > [Connect Device]. Select [GoPro Quik App] to put your camera in pairing mode, and tap [Continue].

Does GoPro connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? ›

GoPro Quik uses a Bluetooth connection to "wake up" the camera, and the user will be promptly asked to connect to Wi-Fi as well. While Bluetooth will keep the camera and smartphone connected, Wi-Fi is necessary to perform all functions in GoPro Quik.

Why won t my GoPro connect to Quik? ›

Allow GoPro to access the Local Network and Bluetooth so that the app can search for GoPro cameras. On your iOS device, go to [Settings] > [GoPro] > ["Enable Local Network" and "Bluetooth"]. If you enabled the Local Network or Bluetooth permission, go back to GoPro Quik and try connecting again.

Do you need receipt for GoPro warranty? ›

Warranty claims require proof of purchase to determine when the camera was purchased. If you bought from, the receipt/invoice will not be necessary. The email address information tied to your order will suffice.

What should I do with my old GoPro? ›

Returned cameras will be recycled responsibly via zero landfill and recycling methods appropriate to material type. To learn more about GoPro's Trade-Up Program, visit

Do I need to register my GoPro for warranty? ›

There is no need to register your camera. GoPro products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects one (1) year from the original date of purchase. It would be best to keep a copy of the proof of purchase. You may add your HERO9 Black to the devices under your account through

Are GoPro batteries replaceable? ›

They have built-in internal batteries that can't be replaced.

How long do GoPro batteries last before replacement? ›

GoPro HERO10—83 minutes (HyperSmooth High) GoPro HERO9—97 minutes (HyperSmooth High) GoPro HERO8—81 minutes. GoPro MAX—115 minutes.

What is GoPros phone number? ›

What is GoPro return policy? ›

We want you to be totally psyched about the products you purchase at If at any time within 30 days of receiving your order, you're not 100% satisfied, you may return the products to us for a refund. No questions asked.

Can you go live on TikTok with a GoPro? ›

TikTok. can you use the GoPro hero 10 black for TikTok live? yes.

How do you chat with customer service? ›

Maintaining a consistent tone
  1. Think of tone on a spectrum. Take the examples above: “Anything else?” and “What else can I help you with?” ...
  2. Use positive language. ...
  3. Be brief but not brusque. ...
  4. Reply in a timely manner. ...
  5. Always use your customer's name. ...
  6. Talk their talk. ...
  7. Be careful with jokes. ...
  8. Create a support style guide.
Sep 2, 2022

How do I get live chat? ›

You can log in to LiveChat using your browser. The address to the app is: Bookmark it or even set it up as your homepage so you always have LiveChat at hand.

Is live chat a real person? ›

Yes, live chat is with a real person.

When most people talk about live chat, they're talking about messaging in real-time with a live customer service representative. However, sometimes companies are starting to use AI to create chatbots so that they don't have to have as many people monitoring live chat requests.

Can GoPro work without SD card? ›

You'll need a microSD card (sold separately) to save your videos and photos. Use a brand-name card that fits these requirements: microSD, microSDHC or microSDXC. Class 10 or UHS-I rating.

Is GoPro Quik free? ›

Learn the benefits of using GoPro Quik

The basic version of GoPro Quik is free, and the fully-featured version is $1.99/month or $9.99/year.

Does GoPro work without Wi-Fi? ›

The GoPro camera pairs to the app on your smartphone using wifi, but that wifi signal is generated by the camera itself. You don't need to be connected to an external wifi signal to make that happen. Once you're connected to the app, you can control the GoPro remotely, transfer content to your phone, and more.

What are the disadvantages of GoPro? ›

With no control over the zoom, shots can often be missed due to the inability to get closer to the objects that are farther away from the camera. Playback can also be an issue, as there is no ability for you to look at clips you have shot on location with the GoPro.

Do GoPro batteries expire? ›

Lithium batteries don't suffer from memory effect as badly as some other types of rechargeable batteries, but over time they can start degrading. Their performance can also deteriorate if they've been completely discharged or overcharged. If you replace it, ideally make it a GoPro-branded one.

Should I remove GoPro battery when not in use? ›

No, and if you do remove the battery and let it sit for like 30 minutes you will have set the date and time again. I leave my batteries in all the time. Only down side it will slowly discharge the battery. Just make sure to charge it each time before going out.

Why did my GoPro screen go black? ›

2 Answers. It may be either a loose connection to the LCD screen, that the LCD screen is faulty and needs to be replaced or worst case that there is a fault on the motherboard. Try shining a torch at an angle close to the LCD screen to check if you can detect an image at all when using the camera.

What are the known issues with GoPro 10? ›

Poor battery life, overheating from use, overheating from charging, not charging, passive drain, not turning on sometimes, and cold shutoff?

Can my GoPro be hacked? ›

Conclusion. Cracking a GoPro password is totally possible, and you can probably understand the danger and how it can expose all the images and 4k videos stored in the camera to people with malicious intent. Keep your Passwords strong. And store them in a password manager like LastPass.

Why do GoPro videos get corrupted? ›

Your GoPro MP4 video files are at a high risk of getting corrupted if your PC or Mac contains any malicious spyware. Beware of such software as they tend to damage your videos beyond repairs. Such malicious spyware can be detected and removed easily.

Why does my GoPro keep crashing? ›

Ensure that GoPro Quik and your mobile device are up to date with their latest versions. Be sure to restart your mobile device after GoPro Quik updates. Force close the app > re-open it > check to see if the crashing or freezing still occurs. Most of the time, force quitting the app resolves these types of issues.

How do I reset my GoPro Wi-Fi? ›

From the main screen, swipe down. Tap [Connect] > [Reset Connections] > [Reset]. This will clear your connection list and you'll see [All Connections Reset]. Your camera will power off and back on once reset, creating a new name for your GoPro.

Can I connect my GoPro directly to my phone? ›

To pair your GoPro camera with the GoPro app:

Open the GoPro app on your mobile device. Tap CONNECT YOUR CAMERA. Select your GoPro model or tap Add New Device, if you do not see your specific device listed in the options. Follow the instructions provided within the GoPro app, to pair your GoPro camera with the app.

Can you connect GoPro directly to Iphone? ›

To pair your GoPro camera with the GoPro app:

Open the GoPro app on your mobile device. Tap CONNECT YOUR CAMERA. Select your GoPro model or tap Add New Device, if you do not see your specific device listed in the options. Follow the instructions provided within the GoPro app, to pair your GoPro camera with the app.

Why can't I connect my GoPro to my phone? ›

Please make sure your mobile device, GoPro Quik app, and camera are on their current versions. You can try to reset the camera's Wi-Fi settings and pair your GoPro to the app again. Delete the GoPro camera under the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi entries in your mobile device's settings before attempting to pair your GoPro.

Why does the blue light on my GoPro keep flashing? ›

That blue blinking light on your GoPro is the wireless status indicator (wifi and Bluetooth). If it's blinking blue intermittently, the wireless function is turned on. The wireless function can be on even if the rest of the camera is turned off.

Did Quik replace GoPro App? ›

For GoPro camera users, Quik features all of the capabilities of the previous GoPro app, plus so much more. Existing users' photos and videos will transfer from the old GoPro app to the new Quik app upon install and any cloud-based footage will remain accessible. Learn more about how to use Quik here.

What to do if your GoPro is not working? ›

Remove the battery, wait five seconds and reinsert battery. Press the. [Mode Button] to see if the camera responds (look for LED illumination, beeps, or a response from the camera's screens). If there's no response, press and hold the [Mode Button] for ten seconds.

Is GoPro Quik still available? ›

This is because GoPro Quik was discontinued for years. With the intent to leave customers to concentrate on the mobile apps, developers pulled the desktop version of Quik.

How do you fix a corrupted SD card on a GoPro? ›

How to Fix an SD Card Error on GoPro
  1. Method 1: Clean the SD Card.
  2. Method 2: Update the Firmware.
  3. Method 3: Reset the GoPro Camera.
  4. Method 4: Format the SD Card in GoPro.
  5. Method 5: Format the SD Card on Windows.
Feb 10, 2023

Can I use my phone for GoPro? ›

To pair your GoPro camera with the GoPro app:

Open the GoPro app on your mobile device. Tap CONNECT YOUR CAMERA. Select your GoPro model or tap Add New Device, if you do not see your specific device listed in the options. Follow the instructions provided within the GoPro app, to pair your GoPro camera with the app.

What happens if you don't register your warranty? ›

If you haven't filled in a return card on a manufacturer's guarantee. You should've filled in a registration card and sent it back to the manufacturer. If you haven't, your guarantee may not be valid - try looking for a contact number on the guarantee, and get in touch. You might also be able to register online.

Do you need proof of purchase for warranty? ›

Making a claim using a guarantee or warranty

If you want to make a claim using your guarantee or warranty you will usually need: Proof of purchase (for example a receipt) Details of what the problem is. A copy of the warranty or guarantee.

What causes SD card corruption? ›

An SD card may seem to be corrupted if it has no file system on it. Such an SD card is typically referred to by experts as RAW, and most operating systems won't display it as an available storage device and allow you to write files to it.

How do I know if my SD card is corrupted? ›

9 Signs Your SD Card is Damaged or Corrupt , SD Card Recovery
  1. Missing files.
  2. A “Cannot Read from the Device” warning is given.
  3. Initialization failure of the system.
  4. Memory card error appears when trying to use the card.
  5. 5.No information appearing on your SD card when you know files should be available.

How much does it cost to recover a corrupted SD card? ›


PROCAM uses state-of-the-art software to attempt to recover any and all data that is retrievable from damaged, corrupted, or formatted memory cards. In most cases, we are able to recover most or all of the data that you lost.


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