✅[2023] Clash of Clans android / iphone app not working / wont load / blank screen problems (2023)

✅[2023] Clash of Clans android / iphone app not working / wont load / blank screen problems (1)

by Supercell in Strategy

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Clash of Clans app may not be working for you due to some issues that your device may have or your internet connection problem.If you think that Clash of Clans app has an issue, please post your issue using the comment box below and someone from our community may help you.Also in the mean time you can try the fixes mentioned below.

is Clash of Clans app not working for you or have something to share?

Common Clash of Clans App Problems and Troubleshooting Steps

✅ How to fix black screen / white screen (blank screen) issue / app crash issue in Clash of Clans?

Black/White Screen is one of the most common problem in android operating system. Usually when you open an app, you will see a black screen for few seconds and then app will crash with or without an error message. There are few ways to fix this problem.

  1. Most of the times, it might be a temporary loading issue. You just need to press the recent applications menu (usually the first left button) in your phone. Then you close the app that has this issue. Now open the app again. It may work normally.
  2. Try Hard reboot in your Android mobile. Press and hold down the "Home" and "Power" buttons at the same time for upto 10 seconds. Then, release the buttons and hold down "Power" button until the screen turns on.Now you can try opening the app, it may work fine.
  3. If none of the above working, you can wait till your phone battery drains and it turns off automatically. After that put it to charge, and press the power button. It may work after this.
  4. Finally, if you can't fix it with anything, you may need to uninstall the app and re-install it. Android usually restores all settings after you re-install and log into the app. You can see if that fixes it.
  5. Even in some rare cases, the re-install step also don't work. If that is your case, try installing older versions of the app. Good luck!

✅ Clash of Clans app is not loading or not working properly (loading error / server error / connection error).

There are few situations that may cause the load issue in mobile apps.

  1. The Clash of Clans app server may be down and that is causing the loading issue. Please try after few minutes.
  2. Your wifi / mobile data connection not working properly. Please check your data connection.
  3. Too many users using the app at same time. Please try after few minutes.

✅ How to solve Clash of Clans login issue or account related issues.

If you have login or account related issue, please check the following steps.

  1. The Clash of Clans server may be down and that is causing the login/account issue. Please try logging in after few minutes.
  2. Your wifi / mobile data connection not working properly. Please check your data connection.
  3. You may be trying with wrong login credentials. Please confirm the details that you are entering is correct.
  4. If you're using third-party social networks to login such as facebook, twitter, google etc, check whether that service is working properly by visiting their official website.
  5. Your account may be banned or deactivated for activities. Please read error messages.

✅ How to solve Clash of Clans app installation issues.

  1. Check your wifi / internet connection for connectivity.
  2. Please check your mobile storage space. If you don't have enough space in your disk, the app can't be installed.
  3. Verify that the app you're trying to install supports your android version.

✅ Clash of Clans app is not updating properly in my phone.

  1. Please check your wifi / mobile data connection and verify that it is working properly. It may be down and stopping you from updating the Clash of Clans app.
  2. Confirm that you have enough storage space in your phone to download updates. If you don't have enough storage space, it can be blocking the app updates.

✅ Are you facing audio / video loading problem with Clash of Clans.

  1. Check your phone volume if you have audio problems.Try to use headphones to find out whether it is an issue with your speakers or with the app.
  2. If you've video loading problem, please check your internet speed and wifi connectivity.

✅ Clash of Clans app notifications are not working properly.

  1. Go to your Apps->Clash of Clans->Notifications and check whether notifications enabled or not. If it is not enabled, please enable it.
  2. Also if you don't get notification alert sounds, re-verify that you don't accidentally muted the app notification sounds.

✅ Are Clash of Clans game points / score updates not working properly?

  1. There are chances that thousands or millions of users playing the Clash of Clans game at the same time. So it maytake from a few minutes to a few hours to get the score or points updated. Please be patient and check after some time to see whether you got your points updated.
  2. Even after waiting, if you don't see your points updated, try closing or logging out of the app and logging in again.
  3. If none of the above works, you may contact the developer of Clash of Clans, using the contact details below. Briefly mention your mention your problem and attach few screenshots if possible. So they can help you quickly.
    Developer Name: Supercell
    Developer Email: [emailprotected]

✅ Clash of Clans game level / lives are not updating or suddenly decreased.

  1. As same as points, levels also get the same issue of concurrent users load to the server. If too many players, playing at the same time, the server processes data slowly. It will slow down your level/lives updates or send your wrong level information. So please wait for sometime and re-check again for your levels.

✅ I can't able to invite friends to Clash of Clans, request lives or share points.

  1. To invite friends you may need to sync app with your contacts or social networks such as facebook, twitter etc. It may be slow sometimes as the app server needs to handle tons of data.
  2. If this problem persists to you after waiting,you may contact the developer of Clash of Clans, using the above mentioned email address. Briefly mention your mention your problem and attach few screenshots if possible. So they can help you quickly.

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How do you fix Clash of Clans when it won't load? ›

Troubleshooting Steps
  1. Check the Clash of Clans Facebook/Twitter page to check for any post specifying server-wide issues. ...
  2. Make sure you have a good network connection. ...
  3. Close the app and relaunch it. ...
  4. Power your device off and back on, then try re-launching the app. ...
  5. Remove the app and re-install it.

How do you clear cache on Clash of Clans? ›

Please go to Settings > Apps > Clash > Clear Cache, should fix the issue, Chief!

Why is my Clash of Clans crashing on my Android phone? ›

Clear your cache

Another common reason that Clash of Clans crashes is a build up of data, or sometimes, that data that has built up becomes corrupted. This isn't your mobile data, but temporary app data that you download to your iOS or Android device to help it load quicker.

Why is my game suddenly black screen? ›

Does your device's screen go black in the middle of your gaming session? Most of the time, the problem occurs because of outdated graphics drivers, a problem with the monitor connection, improper power-saving settings, prolonged hardware stress, excessive heat generation, or misconfigured game settings.

How do I fix black screen loading? ›

Solutions for a black screen — before logging in
  1. Optimize your startup applications. ...
  2. Check your cables and connections. ...
  3. Unplug all unnecessary accessories. ...
  4. Try a BIOS/UEFI reset and check the boot order. ...
  5. Launch a Windows repair. ...
  6. Boot into Safe Mode. ...
  7. Roll back or update all drivers in Safe Mode.
May 19, 2023

What does clearing out cache do? ›

Clearing your cache on Android can free up valuable space and resolve issues with your phone's battery, speed, and security. Old cached data can corrupt, causing larger performance problems. If a particular app receives an update, the cached data from a previous version can cause conflict.

What does clearing game cache do? ›

Clearing the console cache removes the temporary data and files from the cache and allows a fresh set to be downloaded and stored.

Is it safe to clear game cache? ›

It's not bad to clear your cached data now and then. Some refer to this data as “junk files,” meaning it just sits and piles up on your device. Clearing the cache helps keep things clean, but don't rely on it as a solid method for making new space.

How do you restart Clash of Clans on Android? ›

On Android, you can reinstall the application but, again, your village is tied to your Google Play account. If you use Google Play to log into Clash of Clans, you'll have to use a different account to start over.

What to do when game app keeps crashing? ›

There can be multiple ways in which you can fix an app that keeps crashing on your Android smartphone.
  1. Force stop the app. ...
  2. Restart the device. ...
  3. Reinstall the app. ...
  4. Check app permissions. ...
  5. Keep your apps updated. ...
  6. Clear cache. ...
  7. Free up storage space. ...
  8. Factory reset.
Dec 13, 2022

What Android version does Clash of Clans need? ›

In order to fully enjoy our Clash of Clans, it requires at least the following specs: Android: OS 5.0 or better. 0.5 GB of RAM minimum (1GB or more recommended)

What causes black screen crashes? ›

Possible causes include, but are not limited to: Unsupported or defective graphics cards. Outdated graphics card drivers. Poor graphics card adapters or power supplies.

How do I fix black screen on Android games? ›

How to fix black screen on Android phone?
  1. Power off your Android device.
  2. Boot into Safe mode. ...
  3. After unlocking your Android screen, go to Settings on your Android device > Select Application manager > Tap the incompatible app and select Uninstall.

Why does my screen flash black when I play games? ›

An outdated graphics card driver or the lack of installing the correct driver can be the root of the problem. In this case, you should update the existing one or install the latest driver. Now, there are two ways to go about this process – manual and automatic.

What does a blank screen mean? ›

By N., Sam M.S. n. in psychoanalysis, refers to a figurative screen upon which a patient tries to project his or her innermost feelings and fantasies. As an inanimate object, the screen is perceived as empty, passive, and neutral.

Is black screen of death fixable? ›

The Black Screen of Death is usually caused by a software glitch (or Windows Update) but can often be repaired. Black screens that occur seemingly at random are usually the result of a more serious hardware problem. This will require component repair or replacement. Whatever the case, there is almost always a solution.

Why is my display screen black? ›

Although a black screen could appear due to many problems, it's usually related to a graphics driver or compatibility issues with a new feature update. It could also happen when the computer installs a buggy update.

Why is my game stuck on loading screen? ›

System requirements: In most cases, a video game may get stuck on the loading screen because your PC doesn't meet the game's minimum system requirements. Problematic game components: Any components related to the game may get corrupted, missing, or outdated. In this case, the related video games may not load.

Can I clean iPhone cache? ›

In the Safari app , you can erase your browsing history and data to clear the cache on your iPhone. This removes the history of websites you visited and recent searches from your device. This process also removes the cookies and permissions you granted to websites to use your location or send you notifications.

How do I clear my iPhone cache without deleting apps? ›

Fortunately, you can manually clear the cache on an iPhone. If you frequently use your browser, you can clear its cache by going to "Settings > Safari > Clear History & Website Data". You can also restart your device to delete some temporary files.

What happens if you clear data on Clash of Clans? ›

No it will not affect your game or photos in any way as long as you are only deleting “cached data” and is perfectly safe to do.

Can you restore Clash of Clans? ›

You will need a valid email address to successfully recover your account. Make sure you have access to an email address that you can use for logging into your game account. You must use one that is not already connected to Supercell ID*.

Why did my Clash of Clans reset? ›

If you find a message in your inbox stating that your layout was reset, it means that it was deemed offensive or inappropriate.

Can you restart clash? ›

To start an entirely new game, you first need to connect your current game to Supercell ID. To connect, please open "Settings" and tap "Connect" under the Supercell ID heading. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Does wiping cache delete data? ›

Remember that clearing the cache partition will not delete your files or programs. It will only reset the BIOS or UEFI settings to their default values, which may help to fix some problems with your computer.

What problems do cache cause? ›

Caches are generally small stores of temporary memory. If they get too large, they can cause performance to degrade. They also can consume memory that other applications might need, negatively impacting application performance. Outdated information.

Does clearing cache remove viruses? ›

Before you create your backup, scan the files to be sure there are no viruses or malicious apps attached to them. Clear the cache. You can clear your phone's cache and your browser's cache to delete possible malware.

How often should I clear my cache? ›

As a general rule, you should clear your browser cache and cookies at least once a month, or more often if you experience any of the following: slow running or crashing browsers, difficulty loading websites or features, outdated or incorrect information or images on some websites, the need to free up storage space on ...

Does clearing cache make games faster? ›

Caching lets applications like browsers, games, and streaming services store temporary files to reduce load times and make your overall experience faster.

Is it OK to delete all cookies? ›

Clear all cookies. Important: If you delete cookies, you might get signed out of sites that remember you, and your saved preferences could be deleted. This applies any time a cookie is deleted.

Is it OK to clear cookies and cache? ›

Deleting the cache and cookies data regularly helps to troubleshoot, helps to increase the loading time of web pages, loads new versions of web pages and increases the performance of your computer.

What happens if I clear my cache and cookies? ›

Clearing the cache will remove all the temporary copies of a website and it's files, and the next time you visit the site it will be freshly downloaded (and hopefully without problems!)

Can you have two Clash of Clans on one phone? ›

Supercell ID is the only supported method for playing several game accounts on the same device. When creating a Supercell ID for all of your accounts, remember to tick the box “Remember me on this device,” and you'll be able to switch between your accounts seamlessly.

Can I play Clash of Clans on 2 phones? ›

Open Clash of Clans on both your devices and follow these steps: Open the in-game settings window on both devices. Press the button that fits your current device. Select which type of device you want to link your village TO.

How do I recover my Clash of Clans account? ›

If you can't access the game, please email support at clashofclans.android@supercell.net and support will help you as soon as possible. If you have emailed them directly you must include the details of the new village as well!

Why an app is not opening? ›

App glitches, corrupted cache data, and outdated Android OS are prominent reasons behind the apps not opening on Android. We've prepared a list of effective troubleshooting tips to help with the issue in this post.

Why does my app close as soon as I open it? ›

This usually occurs when your Wi-Fi or cellular data is slow or unstable, causing apps to malfunction. Another reason for Android apps crashing can be a lack of storage space in your device. This can occur when you overload your device's internal memory with heavy apps.

Why is my app closing as soon as I open it? ›

Why do my apps keep crashing on Android. If your Android apps keep crashing or freezing it's usually because you're low on space or running too many apps at once. Other reasons for crashing apps include a spotty Wi-Fi connection or an old version of the app that hasn't been updated.

What is the new version of Clash of Clans? ›

Version v15. 352.5 - June 12, 2023 Summer update. Welcome to the June 2023 Update for Clash of Clans! We've got a brand new Dark Elixir Troop, a new Super Troop, 2 new Magic Items, and more!

What iOS do you need for Clash of Clans? ›

Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

What iOS do you need to play Clash of Clans? ›

If your device is currently running on a operating system lower than iOS 11 or Android 5.0, you will no longer be able to play Clash of Clans unless you update to a later iOS/Android version. Please update to iOS version 11 / Android 5.0 (or higher) as soon as possible.

Why is my team screen black? ›

A specific display shows a black or blank screen

This issue occurs if the display isn't detected by the Teams Rooms device.

What is the black stuff in Clash of Clans? ›

Dark elixir (DE) is a valuable resource available at Town Hall level 7 and higher, and it is used for dark elixir troops, spells, and upgrading three of the four heroes in the game. DE will make a big difference in your attacks and this resource is much rarer than gold or elixir.

Is Supercell Down right now? ›

Supercell.net is UP and reachable by us.

How do I get rid of the GREY screen on my team? ›

Same issue - Workaround I found was to click into the search bar at the top of the Teams window. This changes the screen from blue/grey back to normal. Then just click anywhere in the screen below where the files are displayed. You can then select files without any issue.

Why is Teams a white screen? ›

in "USER"/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams there's a file called "settings. json". If it's deleted, Teams will re-create that file and will launch. (if that file is there during Teams launch it'll hang with a white screen.)

What happens when you delete your Clash of Clans account? ›

It is possible to request the deletion of all the information we have collected about your game account. To fully comply with this request, means the permanent closure and deletion of the game account. This includes all in-game currency and progress, whether paid for or not.


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